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 SoE Clan Hierarchy [Rules]

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SoE Higher Council
SoE Higher Council

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PostSubject: SoE Clan Hierarchy [Rules]   SoE Clan Hierarchy [Rules] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2009 10:20 am

The Hierarchy of the SoE Clan


Maverick is the Leader and founder of the Clan. He's, in a way, also part of the Higher Council.

The SoE Higher Council

SoE Higher Council are the highest ranked members in the clan and would
decide on most of the questions that effects the clan. For example, if
a member has suggested that the number of votes needed for a new member
to join would be 10, the Higher Council will discuss it and decide on
if it is something that should be taken to effect. The Higher Council
would consist of 3 SoE members and they would be elected by the Leader.
Any Higher Council member can be removed if at least two Higher
Councils agree to do it.

A Higher Council has the power to
punish any member at any time. They do however try to avoid discussions
out from their Forum, but even in the Server a SoE Elite, for example,
can be punished by SoE Higher Council, SoE Council and SoE Elite Major.

The SoE Council

Higher Council would in turn be a part of the "SoE Council" which is a
group of members that these rules and decisions effect the most i.e.
the SoE server owners and the owner of the website, forum, etc. The
members of the SoE Council are not voted on. These are selected by the
Higher Council. They will select 4 members that together with
themselves will make up the SoE Council. They will discuss the members
that would be most suited and announce these members on the forum when
they have decided upon them. The SoE Council would decide on the issues
that directly affect the SoE Council members. For example, if a new
server rule is suggested.

The SoE Elite and Soldiers

SoE Elite are the most trusted members of the Clan.

are those who have more knowledge about internal situation and/or
problems, therefore they do have the abilities and the responsibility
to make the Clan work well. Leader and Higher Council still stand above
them, obviously.

SoE Elite Majors are who will be in charge of
looking up to the SoE Soldiers. There will be only 3 Majors who are
selected by the Leader/Higher Council. Any decision by the Majors can
not be made alone. At least two need to be in agreement. To make it
more clear, they are the ones who have the responsibility to see if
Soldier members keep their SoE tags worth it. They have the power to
punish, literally, any Soldier, always with the supervising of the
Leader (Or Higher Council, if Leader isn’t active).

SoE Elite Major

Their duties are:
- Report to Council or Higher Council information about all the Clan.
- Placing peace and respect between SoE members.
- Recruiting new member to the Clan and giving information for those who want to join SoE.
- Welcoming players who want to join SoE in the Forum.
- They make polls of recruits, to all SoE to vote, in 'New Member Poll' Forum.

Their privileges are:
- All Elite Majors have 'Super Admin Password'.
- They are moderators of SoE Forum.
--- Moderators of: 'New Clan Members' and 'New Member Poll' Forum.
- They can punish or warn any SoE Elite member.

SoE Elite

SoE Elites have, at least, 'Trial Admin Password'. Not all will gain
'Super Admin Password', witch Councils can decide to give to any Elite
at any time, writing in the Private part of the Forum the reason.

The only reason to not give the 'Super Admin Password' is to avoid confusion or even discussion between Server Admin.

SoE Soldiers

SoE Soldier has only 'Full Server Password'!

To have the 'Trial Admin Password':
- Soldier needs to be at least 2 months in the Clan.
- Needs to ask Council or Higher Council and give them a good reason.

SoE Soldiers can become Elite with these conditions:
- Needs to be at least 3 months in the Clan.
- Needs to have at least 89% poll.
--- Poll won’t be needed if the three Majors all agree.
- Needs to know the rules from SoE Server.
- Needs to promise to be faithful to the Clan.

Clan Rules


All SoE members will get the 'Full Server' password to all of the clan's servers.

A SoE member cannot give any clan password to any other person, not to a SoE member or a non-SoE.


SoE clan does not tolerate cheating. Any player that has been found
cheating on any of the servers will be banned by the Server
Administrators. The Server Administrator rules will of course still be
in effect. If a SoE member is found cheating, this member will be
kicked from the clan. Evidence that a SoE member has cheated in game
must be posted on the forum for all SoE members to see.

SoE Server Rules

Camping is allowed but spawn camping is not. Spawn camping will lead to
kick or lesslethal. The definition of spawn camping is waiting near the
other team's spawn to kill them when they spawn. This can be discussed
when the VIP is near the spawn.
* Killing the VIP on purpose or killing the VIP more than 3 times will lead to kick. It can also lead to BAN.
* Team killing/tase/flash/sting/gas on purpose will lead to kick or BAN.
* Insulting other players, spamming or using offensive language will lead to forcemute or kick.
* VIP quits on purpose when arrested will lead to BAN.
* Getting kicked, rejoining and doing the thing you got kicked for again will lead to BAN.
* Using the SoE tag when you are a non-SoE or stealing someone's nickname will lead to BAN.

The Server Administrators are obligated to enforce these rules whenever they are on any of the clan's servers.


Administrators & Moderators' obligations

Forum & Website Administrators' obligations and duties

The assignments of the Forum and Website Administrators are:
- See to that the forum and website rules are followed.
- Move posts that breaks the rules. They don't delete them.
- Help the SoE Council to organize events or inform of other things that would need access to the Website or Forum.
They do not have to state why they took an action when one of the forum
or website rules are broken. But it is highly recommended that they do
- Assign Forum Moderators and make sure these members follow and enforce the rules of the server.
- Remove moderator rights from a member that is not enforcing or respecting the rules.
- Update and manage the member list.

Forum Moderators' obligations and duties

The assignments of the Forum Moderators are:
- See to that the forum and website rules are followed.
Move a post that breaks the rules and inform any of the Forum
Administrators of this. These posts should be put in a dedicated part
of the forum that only administrators and moderators can view.
- Move posts that are posted in the wrong forum.
- See to that everyone is well behaved and have a good time.
- Always state why they took the action they did.

Server Administrators' obligations and duties

The assignments of the Server Administrators are:
See to that the server rules are followed by the players and take the
appropriate action to the players that breaks these rules as stated in
“SoE Server Rules” in this text.
- Make sure no one gets treated differently, and that there is a good mood in the server.
- Balance the teams whenever required.
- And make sure everyone has a good time playing in the SoE clan's servers.


New members


a new member wants to join the clan, this person should inform one of
the Forum Administrators or the one of the SoE Recruiters. When an
administrator is informed, the administrator will create a poll in the
“New members” part of the forum. Only Forum Administrators and
Moderators have the right to create topics and polls in this section
and only SoE members are allowed to vote and post. The poll will be
finished in 15 days and a new member needs at least 80% of the votes to
be accepted into the clan. If he his accepted by the Clan members, then
he will join the “SoE Soldier” group, first.

Passwords and permissions

the poll has finished one of the Forum Administrators will give the new
member access to SoE specific sections where the new member can also
find the join-when-full password. Other SoE members are not allowed to
give this password to a new member.


SoE Servers

Clan servers

a server to be allowed to use the SoE tag it has to enforce the SoE
clan server rules. It would also have to have the same administrator
and join-when-full password as all the other servers. The server would
have to be on line on an average 72 hours a week, the reason for this
rule is to make sure that a member does not create a server for a few
days just to get the administrator password. All SoE servers must be
run by SoE members.

Removing server bans

The members that can remove bans are the Councils. (Always with Leader/Higher Council approval).

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SoE Clan Hierarchy [Rules] Vipergreaatag8
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SoE Clan Hierarchy [Rules]
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