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 Champions of Official VIP Tournament

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PostSubject: Champions of Official VIP Tournament   Champions of Official VIP Tournament I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2008 11:26 am

SoE won on the Tournament of 2008

Best VIP Clan in Swat4 1.0

Champions of Official VIP Tournament Viptourmb9


If u wanna challenge SoE, then read this first:

1. Tell me your suggestions; we will discuss them! (X-Fire: critai)
What map would you like to play?
- What Server will be the War?
- How many players per team will play? (i.e. 5vs5)
- What rules will we have?
- Etc..

2. SoE won't throw away your challenge, we're always ready to fight!

3. Just to make things clear, winning us doesn't make your Clan the best. Truth is, Clans Wars are important for the reputation of the Clan, but the best is only achieved when you face a competition, so please beware because soon there will be another Tournament/League and SoE will be there to defend his title.


To other clans:
Noone thinks you are noob, cause SoE won! Everybody knows we can beat each other in any time, depends on ur environment, mood, etc.. We're telling you this due to some comments about people stop playing.

Champions of Official VIP Tournament B_560x95
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Champions of Official VIP Tournament
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