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 Before making any complain to SoE

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Before making any complain to SoE Empty
PostSubject: Before making any complain to SoE   Before making any complain to SoE I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2008 3:03 pm

First of all, Clans aren't the same, so some of our rules may be differente from others.

You can check our rules by pressing HERE or just visit the Portal to view our Server rules faster.

An Admin as the power to BAN a player just for flamming, for example. Each situation isn't the same and neither could be the same Admin who acts to 'protect' his Server. We also know that everyone makes mistakes, not only regular players, but also Admins, and that's why we made this Post!

No one needs to register to write in this part of the Forum. Do have in mind that when you write here, we can see details from your post, such as your IP and where you are from, beside others. So, even if you don't register, make our job easier and tell us these things:

1. Your nick-name. (The one you used in the Server)
2. Your IP. (If you don't know it, press HERE)
3. Time and date when you were banned.
4. Witch SoE Admin banned you.
5. For what reason were you banned. (Doesn't matter if you're not sure, just try to remember)

After you make a post, we might ask a few more questions.

SoE Higher Council.
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Before making any complain to SoE
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