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 SoE vs NSA (3-0)

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PostSubject: SoE vs NSA (3-0)   Tue Apr 22, 2008 1:55 am

SoE 3-0 NSA

Vip mode: SoE 2-0 NSA

First map: Riverside Training Facility
Rounds: SoE 6-1 NSA

Second map: St. Michaels Medical Center
Rounds: SoE 7-1 NSA

Rapid Deployment mode: SoE 1-0 NSA

First map: Fairfax Residence
Rounds: SoE 2-2 NSA

Second map: A-Bomb Nightclub
Rounds: SoE 3-1 NSA

Team SoE: Tony, Hostage, Fabinou, Dragon, Empire

>>> No Picture Available <<<

War Date: 29.10.07
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SoE vs NSA (3-0)
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