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 SoE News - 14.Mar.09

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SoE News - 14.Mar.09 Empty
PostSubject: SoE News - 14.Mar.09   SoE News - 14.Mar.09 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 9:29 pm

Forum Update

There has been a Forum update. SoE Forum is now much more organized and this structure will, perhaps, be the one well use on our new Forum. Yes, we will have a new Forum, where GDY is working hard at it. Because were not in a hurry, Ive managed to update this Forum and also use it as some kind of test for the new one.

SoE Internal Structure

Without trying to advance much about this subject, because its more private, Ill just say that we now have a Council group. This group has some members of Higher Council. They all deserved to be HC, but due to our organization, we need to make these changes. Obviously, Higher Council is the higher status in SoE.
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SoE News - 14.Mar.09
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