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How to make New Maps work on SWAT 4?
That's easy!

First, you will have to download two map packs. Just press in these links:
#1. Download Map Pack 1
#2. Download Map Pack 2

Then, you will have to use a program to unzip the maps. If you do not have that program, you can download the 7-Zip from Then install it.

After that, you unzip the map files to map folder of your SWAT 4 game. For example, you copy those map files to C:/program files/sierra/content/maps. Now you can play SWAT 4 with New Maps at SoE Server!

If you have any doubt, just make any questions HERE, where you don't even need to register on the Forum. A SoE Admin will answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting us and downloading new maps!

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